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"Elmer and Elsie" has been released on iTunes.
2011.1.4 ”Project:108 (2010 - 2011)
Past Performance, Biography Update.
2010.12.31 ”Project:108 special contents
"Project:108" special contents Open.
2010.12.03 ”granfuse 2010 A/W CONCEPT MOVIE
Commercials Update.



“Elmer and Elsie” Elmer and Elsie - Mooor

( No Sign ) 2010

Elmer and Elsie


"granfuse 2010 A/W CONCEPT MOVIE"

Nov 2010

Director : Hiroki Nishimura
Music : mooor (mixed by Shinobu Koike)


Copyright© granfuse All Rights Reserved.

Past Performance

■ 2010.12.31
"Project:108 (2010 - 2011)"  from Yokohama Japan on Ustream 23:30 (GMT+09:00)

At Yokohama, a port city of Japan, ships gather and whistles all at once at the beginning of the new year.
The enormous sound was recorded, streamed on live by USTREAM.

Art Director : Seiji Takagi
Assistant Director : Ryota Kawai , Ayumi Hayashi

Produced by mooor

■ 2010.01.31
ECHO CHAMBER  Live © C.A.Factory

ECHO CHAMBER Live © C.A.Factory

■ 2009.12.19
NO MAN'S LAND @ Ambassade de France au Japon
"Draw the ground history" by Shotaro Yoshino

ECHO CHAMBER Live © C.A.Factory

ECHO CHAMBER Live © C.A.Factory



nonturn and Mulllr kicks off mooor, a sound art project.
Begins work on "over the asymptote".
Wrote music for the performance "Draw the ground history" sponsored by sculptor Shotaro Yoshino, which was held as part of the art festival NO MAN'S LAND at the French Embassy in Tokyo, Japan.
Created "Elmer and Elsie" that featured the Jazz bassist Hirokazu Yokoyama.
Released the work at the event ECHO CHAMBER, where the venue was the remains of a factory in Sumida-ku Tokyo, Japan.
Created music for an image video "granfuse 2010 A/W CONCEPT MOVIE" of the fashion brand "Granfuse".
Started Project:108, that relay moments of people attuned. The first project presented 2011 countdown at Yokohama, Japan.


Nonturn is Nozom Yoneda, a musician working mainly in Tokyo. He collects environmental sounds and creates rhythmic and cinematic music using his harvested audio. Having studied all kinds of music such as classical music, blues, jazz, experimental music, club music etc. since his childhood, he made his debut in the drum'n'bass scene from UK’s EastSide Records in 2004. Because he was fascinated by the mystic sound of drone music, he started an art unit named “mooor” with an electronic musician "mulllr" and released the first album "elmer and elsie" in 2010. In 2018, he released his solo album “Territory”. Nozom is also working as a composer under his real name, composing soundtracks for video and TV commercials. He enjoys vigorously exploring his creative energy through photography taking artistic photographs of street walls. His photographs are selected for covers of several albums by one of the Japan’s leading electro-acoustic musicians, Yui Onodera.



Mulllr is a solo project of Ryuta Mizkami, who is based in Japan. In 2006, Mizkami made his debut on U-Cover (Belgium) as a member of the post-classical electronica unit "MOTORO FAAM". Since then, he has released a variety of electronic music in many projects, which are often categorized as ambient, noise and sound collage. Under the project of Mulllr, he has digitally released three original albums. His fourth album "WORKERS'', which was the first physical release as Mulllr, was released from comportzone (Australia) and PROGRESSIVE ForM (Japan) in 2015. His other projects include "mooor", an art unit with "Nozom Yoneda", and "Reshaft", a techno unit with "Yui Onodera".


Support Member / Special Thanks

  • Hirokazu Yokoyama
  • Kiyo Hasegawa
  • Ayumi Kato
  • Seiji Takagi
  • Ryota Kawai
  • Ayumi Hayashi
  • Ayl_E
  • canooooopy


Top Image , Pictures of all Art Works - Copyright© Kiyo Hasegawa

[Photos] "Draw the ground history" - Copyright© Shotaro Yoshino

[Photos] Live© ECHO CHAMBER - Copyright© Kazutoshi Nakayama

[Video] "granfuse 2010 A/W CONCEPT MOVIE" - Copyright© granfuse All Rights Reserved.